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Homeschooling, Parenting & Self-Care Resources (Part 2)

Additional Resources After 8 Weeks of Homeschooling!

For most of us, we have less than a month to homeschool…hurrah! You may be settled into a routine with your school, but if you are looking for something new or fun, check out the rest of this post. If you haven’t read my first homeschool post at the onset of this bizarre collective experience, start here: Homeschooling for the Non-Homeschool Mom

Many summer camps are beginning to cancel in our area. This means kids will be sitting idle at home, bugging you while you’re trying to work.

“There’s nothing to do!” Even with a houseful of toys.

“I’m so bored.” Even though there is a garage full of bikes, scooters, roller skates, balls…even a trampoline in the backyard.

They are bouncing off the walls and you are tired of having to mute your microphone on Zoom meetings so your colleagues won’t hear the thumping noises followed by the high-pitched shrieks in the background. 😳

Seriously, what ARE these kids doing? And WHY are they doing it every time I’m on a call??

Keep the kids busy while you catch up on work… or much-needed sleep.

When virtual school is officially “dismissed” we can all relax a little. However, everyone needs to change it up a little, especially when it rains and we’re forced indoors this summer. There are still many resources for fun, educational activities that don’t require worksheets, book reports or quizzes. Did I say fun AND educational? Why yes, I did!

Mental Health Check

Before we dive into the long list below, let’s check in with our mental health. As the state of the world evolves, your children might still be asking questions, or perhaps you seek guidance for your own sanity. Fear not, our amazing school counselors have provided the following list of resources: 

How to Explain the Coronavirus or Covid-19 to Children


Julia Cook reads The Yucky Bug (K-2 grade)

Healthy Heroes – Covid19 video for kids Vimeo (2-6 grade)

Brain Pop Video & Interactive

Just for Kids: Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus from NPR

How to Talk to Your Kid about Coronavirus


Coronavirus-19 Social Story

Yucky Bug PowerPoint

A Story to Help Children Understand Coronavirus

Coronavirus Talksheet

PBS How to Talk to Your Kid About Coronavirus

Talking to Your Child About COVID-19: A Parent Resource

Self-Care & Mental Health:

Self-Care/Mental Health (Covid-19)

Love in a Time of Corona: A Homebound Self-Care Guide for Parents and Students

ASCA Coronavirus Resources 

Ultimate Guide to Mental Health and Education Resources for Kids and Teens

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety about the Coronavirus


You can find more ideas on Self-Care here:

Self-Care in Uncertain Times

10 Ways to Stay Healthy & Thrive While at Home

8 Easy Ways to Get Grounded


Educational Resources

Books & Reading:

The School Library Journal compiled a list of publishers who have adapted their read-aloud policies during Covid-19 lockdowns.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers an Illustrators has created a Digital Directory of Online Book Readings.

SAG/AFTRA Actors Read Stories Aloud

Save With Stories launched by Mark Shriver and Jennifer Garner.Save the Children and No Kid Hungry, partnered to offer free online read-alouds by celebs on Instagram.

We Are Teachers: The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities.

Mister Figg books & activities.

Audio Books:

8 Great Audiobook Suggestions for Kids, by Julie Lepore.

Audible Books – free stories!

Educational Shows & Videos:

KidStream – Commercial Free, Award-Winning Educational Shows for Kids. Offering free trial AND 50% off discount for the first three months with this link from Macaroni Kid. Subscription is normally $4.99/month.

Crash Course I just discovered this YouTube channel. Amazing resource where you can learn about EVERYTHING. Literally…World History, Artificial Intelligence, Theatre & Drama, Entrepreneurship, Film Production, Chemistry…Even Recess! And so much more.

Virtual Field Trips & Learning Experiences:

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS and WANDERINGS (& More) Author Lynn Marie has updated her list from my first Homeschooling for the Non-Homeschool Mom post.

Macaroni Kid curated a list of fun, free at home learning experiences for parents and kids. Includes Jr. Fire Marshall Training Academy, Build-A-Bear, American Girl, and the Harlem Globetrotters!

Smithsonian Learning Lab – not sure how this resource slipped past in my first post. Click and go learn about anything you want! Ellen Rogers creates amazing collections for the Learning Lab and tweets about them each morning for her students. She has recently curated topics like superheroes, birds, muscles and mindfulness & yoga. Pretty much everything.

Freedom Homeschooling has created a super list of virtual tours. Go check out the Great Wall of China, The International Space Station…heck, check out Mars if you want. Great blog for homeschooling.

‎Health & Wellness:

HeartSmarts Adventure eLearning Program for Ages 4 to 6+

Yoga For Kids | Play In The Park by my favorite online yogini, Adriene.

Building positive life habits for physical, mental and emotional health.


Dodo for Kids Just launched their kids’ channel in 2019. Dodo’s mission is to create content that makes people fall in love with all animals on the planet – in the wild, on the farm, and at home. I heart this cause very much. Check them out on their Youtube Channel.


Free Printables – Hundreds of them!


KiwiCo Kids At-Home STEAM Freebies! This is also our favorite Box Subscription company. Enter Promo Code LEARN and get 3 months for $49.95. These are awesome kits!

Easy Science Experiments:

Raising da Vinci channel on YouTube. My son and I did the bouncy, glowing egg experiment from this video. It was so cool!

Educational Resources:

30 Free Educational Resources Kids Can Use At Home

Jennifer Hill has compiled an awesome list of free printables, worksheets and online resources broken down into age categories from Preschool through 12th Grade.

The Renzulli Learning System is offering free access until August 15th. This is a fantastic resource, check it out.

Areas of focus: Creativity Training, Critical Thinking, Research Skills, Projects, Contests & Competitions, etc. They also offer tons of free e-books (fiction, non-fiction, How-To, etc), virtual field trips, summer programs (some online/some in-person camps), and a plethora of online activities and access to other websites.

National Association for Gifted Children: Virtual Homeschool Instructions for Gifted Students…with links to many tools for all children.

Games & Apps:

Common Sense Media has pulled together a HUGE list of FREE Educational Apps, Games & Websites for ages preschool through teens. All content is rated based on educational value, ease of play, and age-appropriateness.

It is an impressive list with many I’ve never heard of, like Duolingo for learning languages; Smiling Mind, a meditation app for kids; and Grasshopper, where kids learn actual coding/programming language.


Young Singers of the Palm Beaches has created music lessons (including fun videos) categorized by age for Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids:

KiwiCo offers different crates for all ages, from 0 to 104. I already said it, but we love these kits! KiwiCo also offers free resources during this pandemic.

Wired Magazine: Our 10 Favorite Gift Subscription Boxes for Kids. (includes art/science/baking/books, and more)


Conscious Parenting: Feeling frustrated? Instead of yelling at your kids, check out these FREE resources from Lori Petro, Teach Through Love.

Short on time and need some conscious guidance dealing with challenging behaviors? She also has a YouTube channel

Games for Parents Who Are Too Tired to Play (love this article)

Fun for Mom!

And finally, I just remembered! It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! Kick off your shoes, have your partner take over, and give your family this guide:

Clean Your Bedroom Map for Kids: LearnDoBecome has created an easy 4-Step guide for kids to clean and organize their own rooms. Your family can clean while you sip champagne and eat bon-bons! (Wait…do they even still make bon bons or did that fizzle out with I Love Lucy in the 1950s?)

Seriously, I’ll be taking a long bath with a good book, a little chocolate, and plenty of H2O…I might even splurge on the sparkly kind. Or, as my five-year-old describes carbonated water…the kind that “bites my tongue.”

Keep your spirits high. Don’t get bogged down with teaching your kids this month. They will not be left behind. Every single teacher will be prepared when school starts again. You are not in this alone.

Enjoy your weekend, Mama, you deserve it. 🌷

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  • This is such a comprehensive list of homeschool resources! Thanks so much for including our free printables for preschoolers on your list too!

    • Annette Dariano

      Hi Faith, Your printables are fantastic! Thank you for letting me share. Enjoy your summer🌷

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